Environmental Milestone

Picture of our living area at
Chau's plant

Chau's Electrical has responded to the growing environmental requirements of its customers as well as world organizations. Beginning in year 2002, Chau's Electrical purchased its first advanced ICP machine to ensure the tested products met RoHS (Restriction of use on certain hazardous substances).In 2003, Chau's Electrical received the international recognized ISO 14000 certification from China Environmental United Certification Center for complying with environmental requirements. Since that time, many other certificates, such as Sony's Green Partner, have been awarded to Chau's Electrical for compliance with various environmental requirements. To ensure our products are absolutely free of contamination and environmentally complied, Chau's Electrical has recently built "Green Resin Production" & "Green Molding Production" floors that run only environmentally complied products. Additionally, a brand new ICP machine was launched for use on June 2005. All these actions are to further ensure our customers can receive environmentally safe products they requested.

Chau's Electrical is committed to support environmental protection as it stated in its Commitment To Environment:

1. Protect the environment and implement environmental management and controls;
2. Obey laws on environmental issues;
3. Reduce pollution and wastes by increasing material usage efficiencies and use of recycled materials;
4. Continuously improve environmental management effectiveness;
5. Promote use for "green" products; and
6. Create a "green" culture in the company and strive after becoming one of the "green" leaders.